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Why do you want to become a pilot?

What is the main reason you want to become a pilot?

Motivation and perseverance are key factors when it comes to succeeding in this career, especially in the beginning.

There is competition out there and the path towards the right seat will not always be easy. You will face quite some difficult situations, exams, check rides and obstacles before you finally get there. 

Perseverance is a competence you need in order to become an airline pilot.

What are you going to do when you are unable to find a job at the beginning of your career? Will you do whatever it takes or simply wait until something changes? It is pointless to start your training and spend a lot of money while you aren’t able to complete the training, simply because of a lack of motivation or perseverance.

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Math, Physics & English

A degree in Math, Physics or English is not needed. However, you definitely need to have a basic understanding of these subjects. 

During flight training you'll have to pass 14 theoretical subjects. Some of those require a basic understanding of 

math and physics because you have to deal with formulas and calculations. 

Principles of Flight, Mass and Balance, General Navigation and Flight Planning & Monitoring are just a few subjects that are all about calculations. 

Math & Physics for pilots

Airlines have Math and Physics tests in order to select & assess pilots quickly during their selections. You are expected to calculate different mathematical questions in a limited amount of time with just a piece of paper and a pen. There is no way you can pass a selection process if you haven't practised beforehand.  

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Medical Requirements

As an airline pilot you basically need 2 things: a valid license and a class 1 medical. The Class 1 medical certificate is required for all pilots that use their CPL, MPL or ATPL license in a commercial way.

This certificate is obtained by going through a medical examination. The medical examination is necessary in order to make sure that the holder of a pilot license is (still) in a sufficient state of health to properly operate an aircraft. 

This annual medical check is a complete body check that consists of a blood test, urine test, vision test, hearing test, eyeball pressure test, physical examination, ECG, lung function examination and much more if required. 

If you are aware of something that might stop you from becoming a pilot, it is wise to do a medical check at an aviation medical centre before applying at a flight school. In all other cases, a medical check usually takes place after you passed the flight school selection process.

There are 3 classes and they are categorized as follows:

Class 1 medical – Commercial pilots (CPL (A), ATPL (A))

Class 2 medical – Private Pilots (PPL),  Sailplane Pilots (SPL) or Balloonists (BPL)

Class 3 medical – Air Traffic Controllers

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Obtaining a pilot loan for an integrated pilot program is often the easiest (but most expensive) way to go. If that's not an option, it doesn't mean you can't become a pilot.

A modular training enables you to work and study at the same time. Have you thought about starting an online business on the side in order to pay for your flying lessons?

Or what about a sponsorship with job guarantee provided by the airline? Military? Starting a couple of years later while in the meantime investing in yourself and your finances is a smart thing to do.

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Modular or Integrated training?

The training to become a commercial airline pilot consists of a few phases; first you finish the theoretical phase, that phase is followed by flight training (practical) after which you complete the course by following a MCC course.

Integrated means that you complete all of these phases at the same school according their syllabus. Modular means that you completed the phases at your own pace, in an order of your own choosing and without a syllabus that covers the entire training from A to Z.

Most airlines have strong preference for pilots that completed an integrated training program. Mainly because the progress and performance of the pilot was monitored from start till finish. The downside of an integrated course is that it is in most cases a lot more expensive then a modular training.

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Find a flight school

It's finally time to find the perfect flight school! We have created a database of flight schools so you can easily find the ones closest to you!

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The Selection Process

Most integrated flight schools require you to pass their selection process before starting the training. This is actually a good thing because the schools try to determine early on if the candidate is actually capable of completing the training.

They also look for desired competences since they want to train a potential Captain rather than just a First Officer.

The selection process can be tough, especially when you apply at a prestigious school. Some flight schools only hire a limited number of student pilots per year.

Candidates prepare months in advance for this selection process as for some, it is a once in a life time chance. As you might understand, the competition is fierce and preparation is an absolute must!

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More information on how to become a pilot

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eBook - Become An Airline Pilot

Michelle Gooris, an airline pilot, wrote a bestselling eBook about becoming a pilot.

In her eBook she will show you how to become an airline pilot, even when you think you are the last person on earth who can achieve that goal. Teaching you simply everything she struggled with, wasted time on and had questions about in her journey to become an airline pilot.

Imagine having a book which guides you from the moment you start thinking about becoming an airline pilot, until you are signing a contract at a major airline. A guide which you can use even before starting the flight training, in order to get the best results possible. A guide which you can grab just before entering an airline selection interview to prepare yourself.

We highly recommend this eBook if you are interested in pursuing a pilot career!

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Math & Physics for pilots
Pilot Selection Preparation

Our pilot Selection preparation courses

The following pilot selection preparation courses will help you achieve the desired results during your flight school selection or assessment!

Math For Pilots
Theory lessons, numerous examples, crucial information, multiple downloadable factsheets, tips and over 1000 math and mental math questions to practice with.

Physics For Pilots
Theory lessons, numerous examples, crucial information about selection processes, downloadable factsheets, tips and over 300 physics questions to practice with.

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