Pass The Flight School Selection Process with Flying Colors

If you’re wondering how to pass the flight school selection process with flying colors and how to totally ace it, you have come to the right place! Since flight schools try to determine early on if candidates are a good fit for their program and will be successful in their flight training, you are normally required to pass a selection process before any integrated pilot training can begin. It is also important to remember that flight schools will be searching for certain competencies within their candidates, because they want to train potential Captains, not just First Officers. It is true that this selection process can be grueling, especially when applying to a prestigious school, since their acceptance rates can be as low as about 20%.

Pass The Flight School Selection Process with Flying Colors

The good news is there’s no need to worry! Flight schools will expect you to show that you are motivated and ready to persevere through the challenge of flight training by preparing for the selection process, and we are here to help you to the best of my ability! Below, we will outline the different stages of the flight school selection process which you can expect, however they may not appear in this order.

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The Interview

Often, you will find that the interview is the first part of the flight school selection process. The flight school representatives are attempting to get to know you and see if your knowledge, personality traits, and demeanor is a good fit for their training program. A couple of common interview questions are: “tell us a bit about yourself,” “why did you choose our flight school,” and “why should we accept you into our program?”.

This is a great chance to show that you did your homework and know what aspects of this flight school make it unique. Be sure to bring those up if you’re asked why you chose this specific school! They may even directly discuss program-specific information, so make sure you are prepared. As an example, you may be asked something like: “did you know that part of the training takes place in another country?”.

This is similar to applying for a job. Make sure that you are highly motivated, ready to work as part of a team, decisive, confident, resistant to stress, and most importantly, that you have good leadership qualities and can take responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. On the day of your interview, walk in with the mindset that you are the perfect candidate for the training program. If you think that you will struggle with any of the above listed qualities, practice displaying those traits well in advance of the interview date and remind yourself every day of the character traits that will lead you into the sky.

The IQ Test

This part of the flight school selection process is generally the most difficult, as it involves mathematics, physics and other IQ tests all on a time limit. How can you pass this test? Well, the answer is quite simple! Every day, you can train by browsing the internet and taking small IQ tests and practice quizzes. Not only will this help you to anticipate the types of questions that will be asked, but it will also greatly improve your ability to remain calm and perform well with timed trials.

Pay special attention to your multitasking skills, special awareness/orientation, situational awareness, and English language proficiency, as these are all included in the IQ tests. The important thing is to begin training weeks or even months in advance, commit yourself to practicing every day – even if it’s just for an hour – and be confident! If you aren’t adequately prepared, someone with less skills, but who took the time to prepare, can easily score higher than you.

If your flight school uses the ADAPT Test for this part of the selection process, you won’t want to skip this article, which is devoted entirely to that subject!

The Simulator Assessment

Always expect a simulator phase during the flight school selection process. The simulator assessment is used to check whether you can learn quickly and adapt accordingly. While you are operating the controls, you will also be required to answer basic math questions and other IQ test questions. You will be monitored throughout this process, in order for the flight school to get an idea of how well you progress.

Sometimes you will be in an actual simulator, while other flight schools may place you at a computer with some rudder pedals and a joystick that looks suspiciously like it was purchased at the local discount store. Whatever the situation may be, just stay calm and fly the plane! If you want to practice for this phase of the flight school selection process, we recommend booking a simulator session or flight lesson in a single engine piston aircraft.

The Personality Test

What type of person are you? Are you a natural leader? Can you make split-second decisions calmly and effectively in a cockpit environment? Can you deal with stress? Are you better at working alone or as a part of a team? Do you take initiative? Do you have trouble when speaking in front of others? All of these qualities matter, and flight schools judge you based on these, and similar, traits during the personality test phase of the selection process.

While they will tell you there are no wrong answers because this is your personality after all, this is completely false! There are certain traits which are highly desirable for future pilots, while other qualities will almost certainly be a reason for a school to decline you. Calmness, confidence, motivation, persistence, good judgement, and leadership abilities will get you far. But, being authentic, honest, positive and yourself, will get you even further.

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The Medical Examination

The last phase of the flight school selection process is the medical evaluation. This will only be required if you have successfully completed all the previous phases. The medical examination is more intense than a normal physical. They physician will perform a complete body check, during which your eyesight and hearing will be tested, an ECG will be recorded to check your heart, and blood/urine samples will be collected.

Additionally, you will be asked about any illness history. Most of the time, candidates will have no issues obtaining a Class 1 Medical Certificate, so don’t stress. If you would like more info on the medical certificate and examination, read this article.

When you successfully complete all phases of the flight school selection process, it is time to celebrate! The next step is to start thinking about the finances like a pilot loan so you are able to pay for tuition. If you want to know more about the true costs of attending flight training, check out this article. Don’t have the money to pay for flight school? Read this article!

Don’t want to take any chances? At Your Pilot Academy we offer excellent flight school selection preparation courses that will help you exceed all expectations during a flight school selection. Did you see our Physics For Pilots Course or Math For Pilots Course for example? Completing those will definitely give you a head start!

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