Math and Physics For Pilots – 2 Important Subjects! Do you have what it takes? We will make sure you do!

What level of math and physics is required to become a pilot? Do pilots have to be good at math and physics? These are questions airline pilots receive on a daily basis. Math and physics for pilots and why pilots need to master these subjects. Let’s get right into it!

Math and physics for pilots

Yes, it is important to have a basic understanding of math and physics.

Why? Well, just think about it, how is an airplane able to take off with all that weight? Which forces are acting upon an airplane? When do pilots need to descend in order to be able to land on a runway?

How long does a runway need to be in order to stop the airplane before the end of that runway? How much fuel do pilots need to take with them and what happens to the fuel consumption when they are facing head wind and fly at another altitude then initially calculated?

You guessed it, flying planes is all about mathematics and physics. As a pilot, being able to calculate by heart, precisely and quickly is of key importance. This is the reason why your knowledge of maths and physics is examined and assessed during flight school- and airline selection processes.

Is a physics degree or math degree required to become a pilot?

No, you do not need an actual degree in these subjects, just proof that you completed these subjects in high school or college. A basic understanding and last but not least, good grades are also necessary. Showing up for a flight school selection process with a 5 for mathematics and a 6 for physics (grade D) on your certificate is often not good enough.Math tests to train for a flight school selection

Mathematics and physics during flight school

During the ground school phase of a flight training program you’ll have to pass exams on theoretical subjects. Some of those ATP subjects require a basic understanding of math and physics.

Principles of Flight, Mass and Balance, General Navigation and Flight Planning & Monitoring are a few of these subjects which are all about formula’s and calculations.

Passing these subjects is tough and there is simply no time to memorize basic units and learn how to apply and convert the correct formula. Bernoulli’s principle, point of equal time, departure formula, lift formula, Ohm’s law, Newton’s Law and momentum are just some examples of what you will face during the flight training.Physics for pilots

Maths and physics during the airline selection process

Airlines use different mathematics and physics tests in order to select & assess candidates quickly during their selections processes or airline assessments. Often there is some sort of time limited math or physics assessment included during which you are only allowed to use pen and a piece of paper. Sometimes, that’s not even allowed and they expect candidates to complete time limited mental math tests.

There’s absolutely no way you can pass the selection process if you haven’t practiced beforehand. Especially when there are thousands of unemployed pilots during times of low demand it is of key importance to be able to quickly and precisely calculate different mathematical questions. When 500 candidates are invited for an interview while the plan is to hire only 20 of them, you need to be the best of the best!

The good news? You can start your preparation today and increase your chances of getting hired. One less thing to focus on once you are invited is one less thing to worry about.

math and physics for pilots

Airline Pilots, Cargo Pilots and Commercial Pilots

All pilots flying commercially have to make calculations on a daily basis. Being able to adjust last minute changes on a load sheet, calculate the descend path, the top of descent or how long you can fly before you’ll have to divert are just some examples of the daily operation. It’s part of the job and these calculations are done by heart.

Math course for pilots

Our math and physics for pilots selection preparation courses

Are you wondering whether you are good enough at math and physics to become a pilot? There are a couple of things you can do and if you do them right, you should have no problem passing a flight school or airline selection processes and the flight training itself.

If you are still in high school or college, make sure you add mathematics and physics to your syllabus.

Are you a bit older? There are plenty of training programs and official institutes that provide certificates upon completion. You’ll need these certificates to show you’ve actually completed these subjects.

Regardless of age, it’s wise to practice math and physics as much as possible before attending a selection process. At Your Pilot Academy we know exactly what is expected of you and that is why we created a couple of flight school and airline selection preparation courses to assist you.

Check your knowledge, train yourself to perform under pressure and learn how to work efficiently and precisely. Our math and physics for pilots preparation courses are listed below. Please let us know if you have any questions about math and physics for pilots in the comments below!

math and physics for pilotsPlease let us know if you have any questions about math and physics for pilots in the comment section below. Still interested to learn more about this subject? You might find this video interesting!

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