Call for beta testers

Please read the following carefully if you’d like to become a beta tester for Your Pilot Academy.

We are currently looking for 5 to 10 testers to test our English for pilots course.

About this course: This English for pilot course contains over 2000 English questions, crucial information, explanations, multiple comprehensible factsheets and tips & tricks to achieve the best possible results during selections. English plays a role in all known pilot school and airline assessments.  

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be selected. If you are selected you will be notified by our staff within a week from the moment you apply. 

What we expect from you: to complete the course and provide us with feedback so we can further improve the course as well as the platform itself.

Feedback with screenshots and screencasts are greatly appreciated.

Beta testers will be given a 50% discount code for future courses in exchange for your feedback. If you provide us with exceptional feedback we will give you a lifetime access to one of our courses. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a beta tester for Your Pilot Academy.

Amsterdam Based
Monday – Friday: 09:00 / 21:00 CET

Do you want to become a pilot?
Do you have any experience with courses to prepare yourself for assessments/selections?
How did you learn about Your Pilot Academy?
Do you agree with the following:

I agree that I will not share any confidential information about the platform and the content I will be given access to while it is still in development.

Beta Tester Application Form

Our staff will be in touch shortly if your application is successful, thank you. 

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